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Summer 2013

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The summer issue is here! And it is beautiful! The students selected their topics, researched, interviewed, wrote and edited everything as a team. They completely designed the newspaper format on their own this term and have added a creative new look to the paper. Please check out the PDF version for the full experience. You can also find some of the articles published separately online. Let us know what you think in the comment section!



Sarah Wood

School Administrator/Teacher



“Warning” By Green Day

“Hello My Name Is” By Matthew West

Video Game Review: Minecraft

More articles:

Eminem’s Life

Mount Hood

Video Games On Your Brain

Interview with a Personal Trainer: ChaZ




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June 2013: Music VS World Issues

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For June 2013, the students split into two teams to publish two competing Vox Juvenis issues! One team took on topics covering world issues. They focus on nuclear disasters, the economy, the atom bomb, pollution, and the aftermath of war on families. The other team took a more light hearted approach by covering topics about music. There are articles about Alice Cooper, music reviews, Chicano rap, and the influence of music on culture. Please read each issue and let us know your favorite! You can vote for your favorite by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. Feedback is appreciated, it is how we grow!


The World Issues Online Articles: (For the rest of the articles, please click on the pdf link above)

Is China Taking Over?  By Ethan

Hiroshima  By Enrico

Facts and Thoughts on the Infamous Atomic Bomb  By Jesse

Chernobyl  By Ethan

Pollution’s Deadly Effect  By Julian

Environmental Science Teacher, Deborah Castorina’s View on Pollution


The Music Issue Online Articles: (For the rest of the articles, please click on the pdf link above)

Alice Cooper’s Blast to Fame   By Garret

Music Review: Wild Hunt by Mane of the Cur   By Garret

Chicano Rap   By Cory

How Does Rap Music Influence Crime?   By Jaccob

Short History of Rap Music    By Tony

Rap Poem   By Tony


Vote for your favorite by commenting below!




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Missed Issues

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We have been rebuilding and strengthening our newspaper team over the past year. This has meant some changes and some time away from our blog. But, we are back and ready to post some new articles. Just to catch up from where we left off, here are some featured articles from some of our  print editions from the past year.

August 2012: Pit Bull Edition

Misconceptions about Pit Bulls:  By Jaccob

We here at the Klahre house have a pit bull named Annabelle.  She is an example that not all pit bulls are violent and aggressive.  She puts a stop to all those negative misconceptions about pit bulls–she’s a great dog and a wonderful friend.  I interviewed Maya, Annabelle’s owner, about how she found Annabelle.

Where did you find Annabelle?

I got Annabelle at Adopt-a-Dog shelter in Odell. I paid an adoption fee for her and that money is a donation mostly for the shelter to get food and vaccinations and all the stuff that dogs need.

And what do they do there?

They have lots of dogs that they have rescued from around the area. They also have foster homes that dogs go in and Annabelle was actually in a foster home.

 How did you get her if she was in a foster home?

She was posted on their website as ready for adoption with this picture. I thought I would bring it to show you because she was so adorable in the picture and the description of her on the website was that she was really mellow, calm around other dogs, and cats, people and kids, squirrels and it’s seemed like she would be a good fit for me.

Do you know why she’s so calm?

I think she was pretty calm when I got her.  She wasn’t real high strung and I think also I’m pretty calm around her, so I think that probably helps. She also probably had puppies and I think once a dog has puppies they sometimes mellow out.

Do you know what happened to the puppies?

I don’t.  She was just found wandering the streets of White Salmon and they said they didn’t know where they came from.  They were going to put her down that night because they didn’t know what her story was and there was no home for her and then a foster home called  they said they would take her.

Do you know how old she is?

They guess she’s four based on looking at her teeth.

Do you know how old that is in human years?

I don’t–what’s the math? Usually four time seven.

So she’s 28?

Yeah, about 28.

So how does she react to other hyperactive dogs?

She plays with them if they want to play and run around but if they are really aggressive she usually backs off.  She will be pretty defensive or she’ll run around and curl up like that and be mellow.

From your perspective on things, are pit bulls always dangerous?

Annabelle is a pretty good example that they are not always dangerous but a lot of people have that misconception, or pre-conception.

Can they be good family dogs?

Well, Annabelle can be.  She’s really good around kids, she’s really good around you guys–you’re not little kids, but she’s really good around the school and she’s pretty mellow around kids and animals.  Yeah, I think she could be.

Do you think she could be a good guard dog too?

She started barking in the new house I live in, where a lot of people ride their bikes past or walking or even sounds at night–she’ll start barking and she sounds a little bit scarier then she looks, so I think she can be.

Do you love Annabelle?



October 2012 Issue: Outside Influences

The Influence of Media on Youth: By Tyler

Ever wonder what makes you want to buy the things that don’t seem necessary at all?  In all truth, we’re being psychologically tricked into purchasing the “coolest” product brand.  I interviewed Heidi Venture and she gave me some facts about the media and why the advertisers do what they do.

Who decides what type of advertising is appropriate to show younger people?

I think mostly the advertisers decide, there are some restrictions in the law. There have been some laws made about what can be shown in Saturday cartoons and what can’t be shown after nine o’clock, but for the most part, it’s the advertisers.

What are the effects of subliminal messaging?

I don’t know a whole lot about this, I know some of it has been debunked, that some of the stuff, they used to flash a picture of popcorn at the theatre and they thought that would people would buy more popcorn, but it didn’t actually work.

When do advertisers plan ad campaigns to take place during certain times?

Well, the Super bowl has a huge audience, and I would think that a lot of guys your age are watching that. I even know people who don’t like football part of the Super bowl, I often watch the Half-time Show. That may be the only football I watch. The advertisers plan for a good audience, and they plan for times when the demographic, the young people who want to get the money out of their pockets, are watching. A lot of TV shows are planned to appeal to certain demographic that the shows will appeal to the advertisers, and the advertisers will give money to the people who make the show.

Where do advertisers affect younger people the most?

Well it seems like computer advertising hasn’t hit its stride, it doesn’t seem very effective to me. I say that because I don’t click on many ads, and even when I do, will seldom do anything about it. I think that TV is probably still the place where most particularly teenagers are being exposed to ads.

Magazines, I think teenagers read a lot of magazines as well. A lot of teenagers read electronic arts, game magazines, and just different things that teens like.

Why do some advertisers influence younger people to purchase something unhealthy for them, like cigarettes or alcohol?

Well, if you can get a kid started on your brand of cigarettes when he or she is sixteen, they’re likely to get addicted and be a customer for years and years. There’s a high money value on getting kids started on that product. It’s not just addictive products, if you can get a girl to start using hair products when she’s fifteen; she’s likely to use their products for years and years.

Teenagers are open to being manipulated by advertisers to become customers for their product for years.

How do advertisers persuade people to buy their products?

They have psychological experts that have done many experiments with different variables to find out which way to advertise works better. Advertisers make a living on finding ways to advertise their stuff that makes a lot of people want their product. Sex sells, that’s why so many ads are sexualized, it gets people’s attention a bit more than other options.


November 2012 Issue: November Events


Desert Storm Veteran: By Jimmy and Mike

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein organized an invasion of Kuwait in the 1990s; this was alarming to the other powers of the East. Saudi Arabia and Egypt called the US and other western nations for assistance. This is where we got involved with the massive air offence against Hussein known as Desert Storm.

To get a better perspective, we interviewed Alisha Hamel, who served in the Army.

What part in the world did you serve?

I served in Saudi Arabia.

Was the area you served in different from your hometown?

It was very different. We went from cold and rainy, to very hot and dry. Women here can drive cars and to be out in public. While there we weren’t allowed to drive cars, or to go out in the public without being fully covered up, and they preferred that we had a male escort.

How long was your tour duty?

We were there for 9 months.

How long were you in the country?

I was there for 9 months.

Do you feel that your military service affected your life in a positive way?

Yes, it certainly opened doors that I never knew were there. I had a chance to see the world and participate in creating history.

What motivated you to serve in the military?

Initially it was money for college, and then it became a family thing, and a way of life.

Which branch of the military did you join, and why did you choose that branch of the military?

I originally wanted to join the Air Force, but they didn’t have any jobs that I was interested in doing, but the Army does pretty much everything, so most anything that I wanted to do; I could do in the Army. I started as an executive assistant, but I also did public affairs, personnel, logistics history, and many other things. Where else could I have driven a tank?

What type of job did you perform while in the country?

I was an S-1 for a provisional movement control battalion so I did administrative work. Getting people paid, promoted, and making sure they were taken care of. Our battalion controlled all movement in the war. Air movement into and out of country, sea port movement, and rail and highway.

When did you serve in the military?

I joined in 1985, and I’m still in the Oregon Army National Guard as the Command Historian for the Oregon National Guard.

Was it hard to be so far away from your family and loved ones?

It was very hard, but if I had to go, it was the best time. I wasn’t married and I didn’t have kids yet and it was a real adventure to go, and experience a different culture.


December 2012: Holiday Issue

A Date That Will Live in Infamy: By Elias

The Japanese attacked the U.S. naval base in Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. This attack would prove to be a mistake for which the consequences would extend throughout the war and well into Japan’s post-war future. This mistake would force the United States into World War II.

Japan was angered by United States’ resistance to their expansion into the South Pacific (the Philippines and the Virgin Islands), so they attacked the United States Pacific fleet docked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  The United States declare war on Japan on December 8, 1941.  On that same day, more than one million men enlisted in the U.S. armed forces.

The United States had only been remotely involved in many aspects of the war up until this point, but there was friction between President Roosevelt and other U.S. leaders regarding the exact role the United States should take before the attack. The U.S. navy had begun to build up the Pacific fleets that were stationed in Pearl Harbor.

The original intent by the Japanese was to deliver an ultimatum of war prior to actual attack of the United States. Japan’s foreign minister and the navy supreme command could not agree on an ultimatum of war to be delivered to the United States. This final act of negligence led to U.S. involvement in World War II.

On the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, everything was normal as the Japanese bombers and torpedo planes approached the U.S. Pacific Fleet headquarters at Pearl Harbor. Sundays on the base were more relaxed than the usual weekly schedule. Crews rose late and officers often stayed ashore. On this day, almost all of the ships’ guns were unmanned, and much of the ammunition was locked up. Two of the three Pacific fleet’s aircraft carriers were at sea. The third was back in the United States being refitted.

At 7:55 a.m., the bombers and torpedo attack planes broke into the morning’s calmness. The first wave of Japanese planes arrived to find the base virtually defenseless. By the end of the second wave of planes two hours later, 21 American ships had been sunk or damaged. Almost the entire U.S. Pacific Fleet had been decimated at the cost of only 29 Japanese planes.

Five of the eight battle ships stationed in the harbor that day were sunk; eleven smaller ships (cruisers and destroyers) were also badly damaged. There were 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians killed, and 1,178 people were wounded.

The U.S.S. Arizona had the most casualties with 1,177 service members killed when a 1,760-pound bomb struck it causing the ammunition on board to explode.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese failure to comply with international protocol regarding the declaration of war prior to a bombing influenced the U.S. decision to enter the war.


We hope you enjoyed a glimpse at some of our past articles. We will be publishing the full February issue online at the beginning of the month. We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section!







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March 2013 Issue: The World

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PDF Version


The constantly evolving and adapting nature of the Vox Juvenis team makes it a challenging but wonderful class.  This issue reflects the different personalities and interests of the team members.

This month, the Vox Juvenis team bid farewell to one of the teachers, Jennifer Waters, who is devoting more time to her Langauge Arts and History classes. In her place,  Sarah Wood, formerly known as Sarah Cullington and one of the founding members of the newspaper, rejoined the Vox Juvenis team after a year of maternity leave. New students joined the group as well and everyone rose to the challenge of adjusting to change.

We put our heads together and debated the theme of the next issue. Everyone had fresh new ideas, seemingly all over the map. There was talk about fashion, conspiracy theory, wolves, the economy, and war. When it came down to it, we discovered that our next issue covered topics of the world.

There is no one specific category in this issue. Instead, the writers sought topics of their interest and hope to portray them in a way that will interest you. Devion researched the value of the U.S. dollar against other major world currencies. Joel recounts the atrocities of the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup in France during World War II. Andrew sat down with our very own Larry James to hear about his experience as a Vietnam Veteran.

There are also stories with a lighter tone. Enrico discusses the  roles of wolves in our lives. Jesse gives a brief history of the Raiders football team. Antonio shares his family’s favorite Mexican dishes. Jorge dishes some fashion advice in his article on “Swag.”

You will also find the student of the month and an ongoing fiction story by Enrico. Please enjoy and leave us comments!

Online Articles:

The U.S. Dollar by Devion

Vel d’Hiv Roundup by Joel

Interview with a Vietnam Veteran by Andrew

Wolves: The Beast of Society by Enrico

The History of the Oakland Raiders by Jesse

Interview with Grandma Emma on Tamales by Antonio

Swag by Jorge


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May 2013 Issue

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PDF Version


The issue started with a theme about springtime. But, as students explored their topics further, they realized they had more to talk about than spring. This is what they came up with.

The issue opens with the springtime theme. Enrico details seasonal festivals in Japan. Nicolas discusses a springtime and summertime activity, rock climbing. And Jorge shares some facts about skateboarding.

Following springtime, the writers feature stories that peaked their curiosities. Nicolas discusses youth in gangs, Jesse gives a brief history of one of his favorite bands, Garret introduces Rajneesh, and Andrew tells some local ghost stories.

Finally, Garret and Joel conclude the news section with articles featuring Illuminati conspiracy theories and a history of Nikola Tesla.

Enjoy the issue and please share any feedback with us at www.voxjuvenis.com!


Vox Juvenis Team

Online Articles:

Japanese Spring Festivals by Enrico

Rock Climbing by Nicolas

Skateboarding by Jorge

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh by Garret

Ghost Stories by Andrew

Youth in Gangs by Nicolas

Metallica by Jesse

Coincidence or Illuminati? by Garret

Nikola Tesla by Joel


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Interview with a Personal Trainer: ChaZ

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By Levi

I am interviewing a trainer because I love to work out and I think other people should get in it to boost their own personal opinion of themselves. Charles, also known as ChaZ, is a Personal Trainer who helps people get in shape mentally, physically and emotionally.


Did you start off working out in shape or not?  

“When I started, I was out of shape physically, emotionally and mentally. I struggled with drugs and alcohol at an early age. Through health & fitness I learned healthy positive skills to enrich my whole life…”


How much should an overweight or just a regular weight teen work out weekly?

“4 to 6 days per week. Our bodies were designed to move all day long. Our great great ancestors were all hunters and gathers they were walking, running, jumping, climbing, pushing pullings things every day. They were not sitting on their butts like our current un-healthy culture today. Start slowly, do whatever you can even if it is only a 5 minute walk. Caution: workout at a moderate level to start. You can attain great fitness by being mindful of not over doing it. One step at a time wins the race.”

What is a good routine for an overweight teen when first starting out?  

“If possible it’s a combination of Cardio-Strength-Flexibility Cardio(walking, biking, jogging, dancing, treadmill, Stationary bike, etc..) Strength (weight lifting, or Body weight exercises such as: Push-ups, Pull-ups, Squats) Stretching (Yoga, Stretch class, etc…) Start off gently, and slowly. Make sure it feels good, not overly straining or difficult. Work with Coach or Professional Trainer if possible.”

“Here’s a simple routine. 5 to 10 minutes Cardio. Then right into Strength do: 2 Rounds of Push-ups(toes or knees) 5 to 30 Reps, rest 30 seconds up to 1 minute, repeat… 2 rounds of Pull-ups (Pull downs machine- Rubber Tubing pulls) 5 to 30 Reps, repeat… Squats 8 to 30 Reps. Repeat 2 times. Stretch every muscle you worked out. Chest 1 minute each side. Lats 1 minute each side. Legs 1 minute each side.  With consistent weekly trainings you will see great results in about 4 weeks.  Do this above workout 2 to 3 times per week, with one to two days in between. Cardio and stretching can be done everyday, but I like to take 1 day off per week to enjoy a restful lazy day. Here are links to my youtube videos to help guide you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7vUFG7Pia4&feature=em-upload_owner   (Total Body Workout Circuit)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkjLajeDE9A&feature=c4-overview&list=UUyyDfuiGI_F-5DzxkBF6Wbw ( 3 Core Moves)

What do you suggest your clients eat and avoid eating?

“Avoid refined sugars of any kind. Avoid Sugar-free foods or drinks of any kind. Avoid fried foods of any kind. Avoid packaged processed foods of any kind. Eat ALL fresh Organic Fruits, Veggies, Nut’s, Grains, Legumes, Gluten free breads/cereals. Eat humanely raised Meats. Free roaming grass fed, or pasture fed. Wild caught fish is best, but avoid those that are on endangered foods list.”

How do you make your clients stick with you and not quit?

“I keep the workouts fun, engaging and just challenging enough. I also get them to ask themselves a simple question. Do you want to continue to feel better or worse!?! Most people say better, so then keep coming back.

Keep working out, it leads to great empowerment and feel good vibes. I also give them goals to attain. One goal at a time. We build from there. Workouts are a metaphor of life. It reveals and builds character. We learn to deal with stress, and difficultly through training. We learn how to win and lose through training and exercise or sports. Skills necessary for handling our lives in a positive and productive way…”

How much water should teens drink daily?

“Start first thing in the morning with 2 big glasses of water 12 to 16 ozs. Carry a large water bottle with you; it helps reinforce drinking more water. Glass bottles are best avoid plastic, it’s toxic for you and our planet. I feel a gallon of water per day is a good place to start. I shoot for 1 oz of water per 1 lb of body weight. I weight 190 lbs, so I shoot for 190 ozs. daily, especially when it’s hot out, or I have sweated a lot from a good workout session…”

Best workouts to do without weights to lose weight or tone up?

“Total body workouts are the best at burning the most calories. Use light weights and do hi reps. Follow my youtube videos that I gave you the links to above.”

What are some good desserts to eat?

“Organic Frozen Yogurts are good. Organic Gelato’s are tasty. The best is Organic fresh fruit, or berries grown and eaten in season. The fresher the food the higher the nutritional value. That means you get a super charge from those foods. Think of foods this way. Healthy Organic whole foods have Positive charges. Processed, GMO, packaged, fast foods, Sugary foods, Sugar-free foods are Negative charged foods. They effect our brain, our moods in Positive or Negative ways. Positive foods equals positive healthy person. Negative foods equals negative sick person. We are truly what we eat, drink, and what we think…”

How do you measure success?

“There are many ways to measure success. For some it is weight loss, others it is muscle gain, or faster times in a race event. For some it is the ability to do just a little more than they did yesterday. Lastly, if it empowers you to do more, with yourself and your life, it’s a success in my book…”

Thank you very much. And if you have anything that you think I should know for my article or just for myself and the kid I am helping I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.  

“Yes, in closing. Think of you, and your body this way. Your body is your car, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You live in this car. It is your life partner. From the beginning to the end. What kind of car do you want to live in? I always wanted to be like a sports car, so I work out daily, first thing in the morning, and at the end of my day a good stretch to un-wind and re-balance. I also make sure that I am putting good fuels/foods/water into my body. I eat about 85% clean, and I let myself eat junk food maybe, one day per week, but then right back to clean healthy fuels/food.”


“I am 47 years old and I can say without a doubt, modest exercise and clean nutrition & water daily, is one of the keys to a happy, healthy and fit life. The benefits far outweigh the time spent. I encourage everyone to carve out the time for themselves. Be your own own Super Hero! Be a positive ripple effect, one that changes those around you for the best. It is up to ALL of US to bring out the best in those close to us, even those we may not like very much. That’s how we save the world and ourselves. This is why I have such a strong belief in Health & Fitness; it has taught me these life changing principles.”



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Video Games on Your Brain

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By Danny

So… are video games bad for your brain? NO! They can actually be good for your brain. Video games help your brain in a few different ways.

Video games help improve your business skills. According to an NBC news article “surprisingly, video games, played in moderation, can actually help young people develop mental skills that will serve them well in adult life.” Therefore, we should support young people of our generation who play video games.

The article further reads “”It’s not the button pushing that’s important,” says Mitch Wade, an information consultant for firms like Google and Rand Corp., who co-wrote a recent book called “Got Game.” “It’s the problem-solving. And we saw that when we surveyed professionals who grew up playing video games. What’s a surprise is that they’re better at things you need in business — like team play and careful risk-taking.”

Wade says smart businesses are learning to take advantage of these skills, like multi-tasking.”

Gaming can improve vision. According to Daphne Bevelier (from TED talk) people who play videos games generally have a better overall vision than those who don’t. She also reports that video games are now being used to help people with vision problems. My experience has been that I used to need glasses, but now, after a long life of intense gaming, I no longer need them.

A popular idea about video games is that they can create a antisocial personality. Well if you follow that theory, please let me tell you why I disagree. A study about a popular game called WoW (World of Warcraft) done by Jeffrey G. Snodgrass and Colorado State University, states that “it brings people together in a shared virtual space to chat, share ideas and information, and simply socialize. Still, distinct from social networking sites, massively multiplayer game-worlds like WoW set the stage for collaborative and simultaneously shared play interactions that seem as real as they are fun” As a player of many video games myself, I can say that when I get into a good multiplayer game it’s like I’m hanging out with friends.



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Mount Hood

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By Levi

Since 2007 over 10,000 people have climbed Mt. Hood, since 2002 over 150 have died. People were found frozen solid or have fallen at a mass height and died instantly. 25-50 people per year are requiring rescue, since 2006, 3.4% of people called for search and rescue for mountain climbers, 20% for vehicles, 3% for mushroom pickers and the remaining 73.6% are for skiers, boaters, or others.

May 12, 1986 a climbing party of fifteen student’s one parent two teachers and two expert consultants from Oregon Episcopal School set out from Timberline Lodge. Five students and the parents turned around from wetness and sickness. A storm came and the rest of them built a shelter and waited out the night. In the morning a student and a professional mountaineer went 16 hours to get help. Later three other students went down and were found by mountain searchers and airlifted to the Portland Hospital. Their body Temperatures were 45 degrees Fahrenheit and they all three died later that day. Thursday May 15 rescuers found the last nine students and only two were still alive. One made a complete recovery, another lost his legs.

Three climbers were killed and another three were injured on May 30, 2002 when they fell into a crevasse. The one who didn’t fall called for a rescue helicopter. The helicopter got two injured hikers out. But, as it was pulling another hiker up, the helicopter started to go down. Right before it hit the ground the hiker got clear of the crevasse and the rescuers severed the cord attached to the hiker. The helicopter started rolling down the hill. But the helicopter member who severed the cord wasn’t buckled and flew out of the helicopter that went right over him. The other four members were all uninjured. The critically injured rescuer broke several bones but made a full recovery. All of the injured were pulled to safety.

There have been many, many accidents on Mount Hood. It would be very easy to get lost, or get hurt. So if you ever want to go up there make sure it’s a good time of the year and have some good guides.








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Eminem’s Life

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By Levi

Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers the third) had a hard life growing up and up to this day still has a hard life. When Eminem was a little kid he and his mom got along very well. His mom reports “He would run around the house in a Batman costume and climb on the furniture and jump on my lap and laugh.” When she would drop him off at school he would cling to her arms or legs and cry.

One time when Eminem’s mom dropped him off at school Eminem smashed his arm through a glass window and ran to his mom. They found out he cut a main artery in his arm and he wasn’t even bothered by it.

Eminem’s father abandoned him at a young age and his mom had to raise him. They moved all around Missouri, Detroit and Michigan. Eminem moved schools almost 5 times every year. He says he never had any real close friends when he was growing up. “Beat up in bathroom; beat up in hallways, shoved into lockers.” While he was going to school he says “I found that no matter how bad at school I was, like, and no matter how low my grades might have been at some times I always was good at English ……. I just felt like I wanna be able to have all these words at my disposal in my vocabulary at all times whenever I need to pull ‘em out you know, somewhere they’ll be stored like locked away.”

Eminem was rapping throughout his early life. When he first moved to Detroit around the age of 17 he started going to underground rap battles. Everyone at the rap battles was almost all black. He came up on stage in Detroit and was mocked and laughed off the stage, but he never quit. He kept coming back and eventually, after time and time again of battling, became one of the most respected figures in Detroit’s underground rap scenes.

He met a girl named Kim Scott and made a relationship with her. They were good to each other for a while then everything went downhill. They started fighting physically and verbally. On December 25, 1995 they had their first kid the one Eminem is so fond of, Hailie Scott. “Marshall Mathers adores his daughter not even his enemies can deny that fact.” states Marshalengraved. Every time he has free time he goes to Hailie. He spoils her and gets her anything she wants. He is very protective of her and one time when she was younger she walked in on him doing drugs. That was the inspiration to his song “Think My Dads Gone Crazy”. Kim Scott and Eminem got married but he can’t even remember it because of his drug use.

In 1996 he released his first independent rap demo albums called “Infinite”. In 1997 he released “The Slim Shady LP” demo. Later Dr.Dre found it on YouTube and went to see Eminem in Detroit. Dr.Dre watched him battle and was very impressed and signed him to his Interscope Records label on the spot.

Weeks into working together Eminem released his first professional album and sold over 3 million copies, which was criticized for the excessive profanity, glorification of drugs, violence, homophobia and misogyny. He says he’s been surrounded by rough language since his childhood. He performed a duet with Elton John at the Grammy Awards to demonstrate his openness to the gay community.

2001 he connected with several friends from Detroit to form his crew D12. He went around the world doing concerts. They’ve been together this whole time until one died, Eminem’s best friend Proof. It’s crazy to see Eminem go from the unbridled rage of his youthful music to becoming the mature artist he is today.” I started learning how not to be so angry about things, learning how to count my Fucking blessings instead. By doing that I’ve become a happier person. Instead of all this self loathing I was doing for a while” Eminem said, “The music I wouldn’t say it’s gotten happier but it’s definitely more upbeat. I feel like myself again.”



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Video Game Review: Minecraft

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By Enrico

Minecraft was developed by a Scottish man named, Markus Persson (aka Notch). As it says on mincraft.net, he built it out of the discontinued game Zachtronic Industries’ “Infiniminer”. On September 18th, 2010, the servers crashed from all the people signing up for the game. After the official release the leader of Minecraft evolvements switched from Notch to Jens Bergansten (aka Jeb).

Minecraft is a realistic game in the way that the player collects resources and builds things. The player starts out in a map; the characters official name is Steve, where you have to traverse the land and collect resources like wood, dirt, and ect. There are also monsters that come out at night and some of them, now since it came out, stay out during the day. Some can destroy structures and others hurt you.

I like the game because its fun to run and get scared. A lot of people play the game and love it. I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Interview with a Mincrafter:

1) Why did you start playing Minecraft?

I started playing it because I thought it looked really cool

2) When you started to play Minecraft what kept you playing?

Game me a chance to use my creativity to the fullest of its extent.

3) Do you play on servers or by yourself and why?

Usually by myself because I haven’t really have a chance to play online.”

In conclusion Minecraft is fun.



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Song Review: “Hello My Name Is” by Matthew West

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By Enrico

The song “Hello My Name Is” by Matthew West  followed a tragic event in 2007 that caused him to lose his voice. The event changed his life. After seasons of silence, he finally understood what the songs he wrote meant. After that he decided to write more songs about other people’s stories.

As it says on a review at klove.com, Matthew West got the idea for the song, “Hello My Name Is”, not by his own experiences, but by someone else’s. The song is about redemption and forgiveness. The person that it was based on was at a college and he did things to get kicked out. After a little while he went to Teen Challenge and got help. While he was there he learned that even though he did what he did, God still loves him, with His unconditional love.

The genre of the song is Christian rock. The sound is so unique that it has no comparison. At first, it makes me feel terrible about what I have done in my past, but about half way through, the mood changes in the song and it brings my spirits up. I know that “my name is child of the one true king” as it says in a few parts of the song. I recommend this song and the band to anyone that likes Christian rock, feeling happy about themselves, or feeling good about others. I rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.


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Song Review: “Warning” By Green Day

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By Danny

Green Day is a well known punk-rock band from the 90’s. Their sound is unique in the way their songs flow and what their lyrics mean. Many people today think that Green Day has “sold out” or “are old school”; but regardless of what some people think, Green Day is still coming out with new albums and are still quite popular.

“Warning” has the sound of punk-rock, but with a certain calmness added in. The rhythm makes me tap my fingers and sing along with every word. Another student reported “It makes me laugh, it’s hilarious”. I think that “Warning” would make for good highway music because it’s so catchy and entertaining.

The song “Warning” makes me want to go anarchy status and commit random acts that society is against. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what the song is about. It talks about not living by the warnings that society and the government gives us. In the music video (on YouTube), you see a person pull the “Warning do not remove” tag off a bed, drink expired milk, stare at the sun, cross police caution tape, and put his face very close to the microwave (these things are not recommended by the majority of people).

This song shows how Green Day’s music can be punk-rock, but still meaningful and relaxing at the same time. I would give this song a 5 star rating.

In conclusion…“Live without warning!”



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Rap Poem

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By Tony


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June 24th, 2013 at 7:24 pm